Let’s Get Organized!

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Official Trackolade Blog! We are a team that has spent the past year pouring our souls into our product (which is still in Beta) and  we figured it would be nice to create a space of awesomeness, where we can share insights, tips and occasional distractions. Our goals for this blog are two fold 1) Provide Trackolade users and enthusiasts with updates about our company and product, and 2) Share refreshing content and perspectives for empowering collaboration.

It seems appropriate to start out by explaining who we are and why we built Trackolade.

Trackolade is an online collaboration tool  that provides teams a central workspace to easily organize, manage and track their work. Our team consists of designers, developers, marketers and project managers who have worked together at Planidoo, a web development company, over the past two years building awesome internet things for our clients. Our team spans two continents, has only met face-to-face twice and became far too familiar with the complications of team collaboration.

Working with multiple clients and multiple team members simultaneously quickly became an organizational nightmare. We were taking client requests via email, managing files across multiple shared folders, using spreadsheets to track time, and communicating urgent items via phone and instant messenger. Not to mention, videos of kittens yawning seemed to always make their way into long email threads related to our projects. As we began to expand our team and services, we found ourselves spending more and more time sifting through the web of data that had been spewed across our “collaboration tools”.

We tried several web-based solutions in an attempt to cure the chaos of our collaboration, none of which seemed to satisfy the needs and desires of the entire team. The tools that offered a solution to everyone’s feature requests were riddled with complexity. The amount of training needed to adopt the “solutions” seemed equivalent to earning a PHD in project management. We finally said to ourselves, “why should we have to settle for an existing solution?” A few days later, the concept of Trackolade was born.

We needed an application that was easy-to-use, easy-to-share and easy-to-understand yet still powerful enough to achieve everyone’s requirements. We designed the interface to be simple making features easily discoverable without being thrown in your face at once. This allows clients and users to easily navigate and contribute to the workspace without compromising your teams’ desired workflow.

Within a few months, we had built a minimal viable product to begin testing the application internally. Upon implementation, our overall productivity had significantly increased, our work was far more organized, and our collaboration, transparency and communication with our clients had dramatically improved. We knew we were onto something, and vowed to continue building and improving Trackolade so we could share it with others.

We know we’re not the only group of people collaborating, planning or working together who have experienced disorder, confusion and even anarchy. Our reasons for releasing Trackolade into the world are to help those who experienced our pains and to challenge ourselves with something new, discovering the boundaries of our capabilities. We do not have investors and do not claim to be project management experts – we are simply doers who want to work more efficiently together as a team. If that sounds like you we hope our story inspires you, and we hope that Trackolade will empower you like it has us. We encourage you to sign up and try it out today, or tomorrow…or whenever you’re ready!

Let’s get organized!

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  1. Igor says:

    Thanks! Let’s Get Organized!

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