Happy New Year!


Here at Trackolade we are very excited for what 2014 will bring and are looking forward to launching a number of cool new features and improvements throughout the year. Additionally, like many others we appreciate the sense of “new beginning” that comes with celebrating the arrival of a new calendar year and especially enjoy taking the opportunity to resolve to achieve something truly spectacular over the next twelve months.

Setting, tracking and accomplishing goals is something our team highly values and as many are taking time to come up with New Year resolutions we thought we would share our perspective on achieving goals. While much has been written on how to define goals to enable their successful achievement this sort of advice is almost entirely focused on goal setting rather than goal achievement. In our experience the likelihood of one achieving their goals is less a factor of how well they are defined and more about how well they are remembered.

Those who are good at remembering goals are thinking about them and measuring progress towards their achievement. Common wisdom is to write goals down and put them where you can see and be reminded of them. Our advice is to embrace a less seldom used tactic and share your goals with people you trust. Let others help you keep your goals top of mind and be willing to share your progress about how well things are going.

This simple principle of goal sharing works just as well for groups as it does for individuals. Publically resolving to achieve something and tracking progress through completion has enabled us here at Trackolade to get organized, hold ourselves accountable to one another, measure progress, and most importantly celebrate achievements together.

If you find yourself looking for a collaboration tool to define, measure, and share your goals consider using Trackolade. May your year not only be filled with productivity but also success, joy, health and happiness.

Happy New Year!

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