GOT – Games of Tasks

After the untimely death of King Robert Baratheon, the Iron Throne is up for grabs. In Game of Thrones, we see several players launch their strategies to usurp the throne and the governing power of the seven kingdoms in King’s Landing.

Though the first season episodes outline the events of each player pretty well, we do not get to see much of the plotting and strategy work that went on in each vying team. I cannot be certain that Trackolade was actually used in these processes (it probably would have been difficult to get WiFi in many of those war camps), here’s what season one GOT behind the scenes probably looked like: **SPOILER ALERT for Game of Thrones Season 1**

Ned Stark, our virtuous hero, started off his plot by creating a Trackolade account, setting up his profile, and beginning his first project.

Other characters had other projects in mind. Trackolade allows you to have multiple projects going at once, so people who have multiple objectives (like Tyrion Lannister) can work simultaneously on several separate projects.

Tyrion knew he wouldn’t be able to complete his project “Maintain the Lannister Throne” single-handedly, so he invited his two siblings, Cersei and Jaime to plan with him.

 As soon as all the Lannisters were on one Trackolade project together, the plotting could begin. They created task-lists of items they decided were important, like “Join Alliances with Baratheons,” and later, when that had been accomplished, “Keep Joffrey in Line of Royalty.” They completed these projects by creating tasks for each objective and assigning them to one another.

As tasks were completed, they were checked and archived on the Trackolade account. As we can see, other tasks stayed open for as long as they were not completed.

Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen had her own Trackolade project.

 To overthrow the current runners for the Iron Throne, she knew she would need an army. She was able to upload a document “Nomadic Warrior list” so that the rest of her team could see her research and help her decide who to seek out.

 As Game of Thrones continues, plots thicken, objectives change, and teams are broken and united. Trackolade allows all users to continue to add tasks to their projects, and assign members to complete the tasks and due dates for when they need to be completed.

In a war like this, you need to be organized to keep your head. Literally.

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