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The Importance of Health in the Workplace

Are you interested in becoming a healthier you? Do you find yourself drained after spending a day at work? Being healthier can significantly improve your quality of life, and research shows it increases workplace productivity and reduces the risk of

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GOT – Games of Tasks

After the untimely death of King Robert Baratheon, the Iron Throne is up for grabs. In Game of Thrones, we see several players launch their strategies to usurp the throne and the governing power of the seven kingdoms in King’s

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Open Workspaces Trending Today. Virtual Workspaces Trending Tomorrow?

There’s a reason that companies like Google and Apple build their offices to encourage chance encounters between employees and encourage “unplanned collaborations”. No, they’re not trying to spark inter-office romances (at least we think); they’re just clued in to the

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The To-Do List That Got Me to Seattle

Paige is a Marketing Intern at Trackolade. Read how she got here by using the Trackolade app before she even got started. When I graduate Macalester College next fall, I do not intend to stay in Minnesota – the state

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Take Productive Work Break (or Just Look at Cute Puppies)

The prevailing wisdom used to be that if you wanted to get more done, you had to work harder, faster, and throw yourself at the problem with more force. But the paradigm of work is changing – more and more

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Productivity Hack of the Week: Do a Project Post Mortem

Are you under-utilizing one of your firm’s greatest assets? If you’re not reviewing projects after you complete them, you just might be. In sales and marketing, one of the most valuable processes teams go through is the win-loss analysis. Oftentimes,

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Learning from Failure: Don’t Be a Bertha

Right now, as I type this, the world’s largest large-bore tunneling machine is sitting beneath the streets of my hometown in one of the most epic cases of bad project management in the history of project management. The machine isn’t

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The Super Bowl of Project Management is Literally the Super Bowl

Some of us here at Trackolade are big sports fans, and one of the things we love most about sports is watching highly skilled individuals perform at their very best as a team. If you watched the Super Bowl this year,

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Failure Friday

We talk a lot about productivity, efficient collaboration and how to achieve success in the workplace. Let’s not forget about failure, because it happens a lot, and sometimes it just makes you laugh. Happy Friday! by

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Think. Create. Review. Iterate. Repeat.

After our inaugural 2014 post on goal setting, we figured it would be a good time for us to take a step back and ask ourselves whether we were on track to achieving our goals.  One of the goals we

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